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The Vadamaradchy Organization of the Deaf (VOD) is an organization that caters to the welfare of the Deaf, living in the areas of Vadamaradchy North, Vadamaradchy South West and Vadamaradchy East Divisional Secretariat Divisions. It was formed in 2008 with a membership of 25 to 30 but within the last 12 years, the membership has risen to nearly 200.

It was started in the year 2008. It has a membership of nearly 200. Most of them are living under very poor economic conditions (below poverty line). They do not have a permanent building for the administrative, vocational training and for their meeting purposes. A plan was drawn (Two storeyed building) at a cost of Rupees Three Hundred Million and submitted to the District Secretary of Jaffna, requesting for funds. However, it was not successful yet. Hence, the organization requests International and Local funding agencies to help at least in part for this purpose. Funds may be sent in the name of the organization.