Uthayam Association of Visually Handicapped

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Uthyam is an organization, working for helping blind and visually handicapped person in Batticaloa district. It was started in December 1997 by the youths and well-wishers from Batticaloa with the aim of providing services to the blind and visually impaired people, especially for the youths who were looking for kill training and employment opportunities. It was registered in the year of 2001 as “Association of Visually Handicapped Society’ under Department of Social Service, Manmunai North Divisional Secretariat of Batticaloa.

Uthayam is governed by an elected executive body of 11 members (M-08, F-03), it has a constitution as proposed by Department of Social Service. All elected members are blind or visually impaired persons. Also there are advisors proposed by the General Committee who provide advised and guide the executive committee. These advisors are the well-wishers and prominent peoples in the areas.


“Making every day better for blind or visually impaired peoples” – Creating an inclusive society.”

To fulfill this vision, we have five values that underpin our behavior.


• Led by blind and visually impaired people: Blind and visually impaired people are at our heart of all we do.

• Collaborative: We work together to make the big difference.

• Creative: We understand challenges and find ways to overcome them and move forward.

• Inclusive: We include and value people with diverse experience, abilities and backgrounds.

• Accountable and transparent: we are accountable for what we say and what we do.


To improve the quality of life for the blind and visually Impaired through skill development and services, and to assist them in maintaining a life of independence and participation in the mainstream of the community.

Main objectives of Uthayam:

 Provide food, and accommodation facilities for visually handicapped persons.

 Providing skills training for youths

 Provide interest free loan for members

 Creating awareness on white cane and providing training on how to use

 Promoting cultural related events among members that provide income opportunities

 Promoting sports activities for visually handicapped

 Arranging mobile health clinics

 Facilitate linkages with relevant authorities to get land, housing and other requirement for their members

 Providing stationary and other support for the school going children of member’s family.

Other information:

• Date of registration : 25th December 2001

• Geographical Coverage : Eastern districts in Sri Lanka