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Today the institute runs three residential schools, two at Ratmalana, about 15 km South of from Colombo, and the third at Kaithady, Jaffna, in the northern tip of the island. The two schools at Ratmalana are the School for the Blind and the School for the Deaf. The Jaffna School, known as the Nuffield School caters to both types of impairments.

We look after about six hundred impaired children, providing them an education, vocational training, food and lodging, healthcare, and recreational facilities. The mission of the schools is as follows;

To provide a professionally managed service, using quality trained manpower, appropriate technology and methods to facilitate and enable those lives that have been placed in our care, to successfully progress from handicapped dependents to self managing contributors in society.

Academically students are taught the National Curriculum up to the G.C.E. Ordinary Level (Junior High School). They are also given vocational training that will help them to find employment when they leave the shelter of the School.

All this is done entirely free of charge. The Institute, which is a registered charity, receives a Government grant, and assistance from organizations, corporate citizens, and individuals.

Apart from running costs, there is also a need to ensure that the schools keep abreast of the vast strides being made in the fields of education of the hearing and sight impaired. The schools have over the last few years made considerable investments in new technology for the education of these children in our care. These investments will give these children marketable skills, which will open new opportunities for them when they leave school.

In order to continue with this work there is therefore a need to raise awareness among the general public, about the Institute and its activities. There is a common misconception that these schools are homes providing shelter to some helpless children with no hope for the future. The transformation that the Schools are able to bring about in these children is truly amazing. At the end of their stay with us, far from being a burden to society, they are able to take their place in the society as useful contributing members.

These schools are not Government run special schools. We are privately governed, Assisted Special Schools and are an approved charity. We do receive some assistance from the Government but the bulk of our funds have to be raised. The public can help and be a part of the miracles that are being performed every day, by contributing their mite to this worthy cause.

Thirdly, Lastly we would like to reach out to the public. How can the public help? The most effective way is financially. Every contribution is valued, be it the savings of a child or donation of a meal commemorating some event, or a contribution from a service organization or a bequest left in a last will.