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In The History of Sri Lanka School of Agriculture, School of Agriculture Paranthan is the second School in Northern Province provides well trained personalities to society to handle variety of phenomenon happening in day-to-day activities towards the path of sustainable development of Agricultural sector in Sri Lanka and worldwide. It was established 16th of May, 2015. It comes under the direct supervision of Department of Agriculture Sri Lanka which governed by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Training the students with all aspects included in the curriculum mentioned under NVQ-5 level Mostly in terms of practical methods and possess them as a talented quality Diploma Holder as an owner of National Diploma in Agricultural Production Technology. National Vocational Qualification System (NVQ) was introduced to the National Diploma in Agricultural Production Technology from year 2013.

This Course Also registered under TVEC for ensuring the national standard and quality management system in which system is allowable the students to become a well-motivated skilled person in Agricultural sector. The students bale to understand the facts behind the improvement of the income of house hold level while considering the poverty line of Sri Lanka.