Organization for Rehabilitation of the HANdicapped – Vavuniya

Organization for Rehabilitation of the HANdicapped – Vavuniya Claimed

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ORHAN’s over all goal is achieving equal rights, equal opportunities and equal participation of the persons with disabilities in order to make them equal citizens.

  • To rehabilitate the disable persons residing within limits of Vavuniya district or other districts to enable them to mobilize their full potential and maintain their self esteem through the COMMUNITY BASED REHABILITATION.
  • To assist the disable to secure suitable jobs in Government and private sectors.
  • To assist the disable to engage themselves in productive activities.
  • To provide community health facilities and other services in order to prevent disability among the population.
  • To organize social, economic and cultural activities among the disable in order to enable them to keep up their moral and to integrate themselves in to the society.
  • To eliminate any discrimination, whatsoever due to the disabilities and to activate the disable in every possible way.
  • To assist the disable with any relief assistance that may be required.