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Lanka Mahila Samithiya is an approved charity and registered as a social service organization in Sri Lanka under the voluntary social service ordinance of 1980. Lanka Mahila Samithiya was established in 1930. The motivation for the establishment was the successful example of women’s institute in other countries. A group of women, led by Dr. Mary Rathnam realized that by establishing such women’s groups in villages, affiliated to the Parent Association rural women could be trained and motivated to raise social, health, economic a nd the overall standards in their homes and communities. “To Brighten the darkness of poverty and ignorance ” in rural Sri Lanka. In this process the L.M.S. played a vital role in national development at grass root level.

The Objectives of the L.M.S. are

To empower rural women through mutual co-operation and self help, education, training and motivation.

To work together for the betterment of their families and communities through awareness and action in the sphere of health especially nutrition, maternal and child care, sanitation and safe water in all aspects of better family living, agriculture including home gardening, handicraft, and other skills for income generation , civic responsibility, social service, thrift and cooperative enterprises.

To foster religious and social harmony and thereby promote the well being and progress of the nation