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Dutch-Lanka Friendship Foundation (DLFF)

Established in the Netherlands in 2005 and registered in Sri Lanka in 2007, Dutch-Lanka Friendship Foundation (DLFF) is a non-profit organization focusing on upliftment of poor and marginalized families with a disabled family member through various care, education and income generating activities.

Besides uplifting our beneficiaries DLFF has engaged in social interventions and advocacy in many levels by conducting workshops and training programs.

Our Aim

Providing shelter, education, care and development opportunities for the people of Sri Lanka.

More practically:

The aim of the Dutch-Lanka Friendship Foundation is to realize an inclusive society for people with disabilities. In a broader sense, our involvement is reflected in carrying out our work with respect for everyone’s beliefs and origins and in a good relationship with local authorities and the local population.

Our Mission

We dream of a society where everyone is equal and where everyone’s talent counts.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a safe and involved community for people with disabilities in Sri Lanka. A community where our target groups feel safe to develop their talents and be allowed to be who they are.