Disabled Persons’ Organization of Arachchikattuwa

Disabled Persons’ Organization of Arachchikattuwa Claimed

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For the benefit of persons with disabilities living in the Arachchikattuwa area, the Arachchikattuwa divisional Disabled Persons’ Organization was established under the registration number අර්/සසං/01/07/03/109 of the Arachchikattuwa Divisional Secretariat of Puttalam district. According to the statistics, the number of registered beneficiaries in this system is 63.

The number of children in the age group 0-16 years who are members of this organization is 08 as the girls are 04 and the boys are 04 each. The number of youths in the age group of 17-35 years is 13 as the female members are 08 and the male members are 05. The total number of senior citizens above 35 years is 42 as the female members are 20 and the male members are 22.

The purpose of this organization is to protect the rights of persons with disabilities, to establish coexistence as citizens, to ensure and implement the rights of persons with disabilities, and to use their knowledge, attitude, and skills for the common development of themselves and their group.

Among the beneficiaries who are the members of the Arachchikattuwa division, Disabled Person’s Organization, 01 male member is engaged in private sector work and 05 female members, and 08 male members are self-employed. Not even one is engaged in both government work and in other businesses.

The subcommittee of officers Governing the Disabled Persons’ Organization.

Chairman: Name                    – Disna Priyansan

                  Address               – Peter Watta, Arachchikattuwa

                  Contact No           – 0728283245

Secretary: Name                    – K.Sarojani

                  Address               – Kusala, Bangadeniya

                  Contact no           – 0772054723

Treasurer: Name                    – Renuka Malkanthi

                 Address                – Anawilundawa, Nallathevankattuwa

                 Contact No           – 0776250017

Services Provided

●      The operation of loans to members for self-employment has been temporarily suspended. It has been decided to mobilize for better performance in the future.