Disabled Persons’ Organization of Anamaduwa

Disabled Persons’ Organization of Anamaduwa Claimed

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For the benefit of persons with disabilities living in the Anamaduwa area, the Anamaduwa divisional Shuwa Shakthi Organization was established under the registration number අ/12/168/ආ of the Anamaduwa Divisional Secretariat of Puttalam district. According to the statistics, the number of registered beneficiaries in this system is 345.

The purpose of this organization is to protect the rights of persons with disabilities, to establish coexistence as citizens, to ensure and implement the rights of persons with disabilities, and to use their knowledge, attitude, and skills for the common development of themselves and their group.

Among the beneficiaries who are the members of the Anamaduwa divisional Disabled Persons’ Organization called Swa Shakthi Organization, 1 female member is engaged in private sector work and 4 female members and 11 male members are self-employed.

The subcommittee of Officers Governing Swa Shakthi Organization – Anamaduwa

Chairman –        Name                – Mr.N.M. Suranga deepal

                        Address              – Periyakulama, Anamaduwa

                        Contact No         – 071981381

Secretary –       Name                – Mrs.R.P. Dhammika Rajapaksha

                        Address             – Karuwalagaswewa, Divul Wewa, Anamaduwa

                        Contact No        – 0779496221

Treasurer –      Name                  – Mrs. H.J.Hema Sandashili

                       Address               – Millagasyaya, Anamaduwa

                       Contact No         – 0710717068

Services Provided

●     The organization is registered at the Divisional Secretariat Office of Anamaduwa. Currently, there are 345 members in the membership.

●     Spiritual programs and charity programs have been implemented.

●     Special access roads have been constructed in conjunction with other institutions for disabled persons. (To go to the police, to enter the Sudampaya city hall, to enter the samurdhi bank.

●     Entertainment programs and traditional programs have been implemented

●     Referring 15 members for self-employment.

●     Directing an identified group of young people for vocational training programs.