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Since the time was opportune for the formation of an organization of Deaf women in our country to raise a voice on their behalf as in foreign countries, the Deaf Women’s Organization was formed on 13rd September 1998 with the objective of integrating with society the women with impaired hearing who had hitherto been marginalized in society and gaining their women’s rights and making them aware of such rights in order to assist them to stand on their own feet with implementing their activities by themselves in future.

The formation of organization at district level was organized in order to facilitate the work of our organization and such organization was formed in the districts of Kurunagala.

The activities and services carried out by our organization during the 19 years from 1998 to 2016 could be shown as follows.

• Providing cloth and other necessary material for self-employment to Deaf women who were unemployed.

• Providing solutions to problems that arise in the family lives of married women’s.

• Creating awareness amongst parents about their deaf children (females).

• Conducting a three day workshop with Instructors (Counselors) on the rights of deaf women to live in the same manner as normal women in society, the need to organize and other matters.

• Conducting a survey of Deaf women in the district and providing solutions to their problems as well as creating awareness amongst them.

• Participating in meetings conducted by district organization and creating an awareness of the needs of the organization.

• Carrying out activities such as organizing product sales pouts, exhibitions, selling book marks and conducting a till campaign to raise fund for the organization.

• Planning a Picnic (recreational tour)

We had to encounter various problems and difficulties ever thought we were engaged in the above mentioned activities. The Organization was able to continue its activities through the efforts of a strong group of officials with fluctuations in the progress of the organization. Our aspiration for the future is to improve the organization and win the rights of deaf women in a manner relative to those of normal women.