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The RippleMe has information and services to support persons with disabilities, their families, friends and caregivers to find the assistance they need in Sri Lanka



Services, aimed at supporting People with disabilities (PWDs) to achieve their highest attainable standard of health by addressing the five elements of health such as promotion, prevention, medical care, rehabilitation, and assistive devices


Services, that provide Persons with Disabilities access to education and lifelong learning, leading to the fulfillment of potential, a sense of dignity and self-worth, and effective participation in society


Services, that enable Persons With Disabilities to gain a livelihood, easily access social protection measures, and are able to contribute to their families and communities economically.


Services, focused on Persons With Disabilities are having meaningful social roles and responsibilities in community and family, and they are viewed as equal members of society.


Services focused on the importance of empowering Persons With Disabilities, their family members, and communities to facilitate the mainstreaming of disability across each sector and to ensure that everybody is able to access their rights and entitlements


Services that support Persons with Disabilities to maintain their independence

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